While one may well have reservations about buying a used car or a pre-owned TV set, such reserve is understandable given the tendency of essential and often costly components of these items to become worn with constant use and to fail soon after they are purchased. However, the nature of some items enables them to better withstand the effects of wear and tear than a car or a TV, and so, for example, it can make sound economic sense to purchase items, such as secondhand industrial flooring.

Renting or purchasing storage space has become a costly proposition, and the sums charged are directly related to the area of the available floor space in square metres. This means that warehouse owners need to make the best possible use of the space available to them at the time of the acquisition, while also making provision for the possibility of future expansion. However, because warehouses are often designed with high ceilings, one way to overcome the restrictions imposed by a lack of floor space is to extend the existing racking and shelving vertically. In such cases, secondhand industrial flooring offers an economical means to deck a mezzanine floor. In practice, an installation of this kind has the potential to double the existing area available for storage.

While the decision to purchase pre-owned decking already represents a saving, the fact that the existing pallet racks can be used as the means to support the additional floor cuts the cost even further. For this reason alone, installing a mezzanine floor offers the most cost-effective means with which to ensure optimal use of the available space, and can be made even more economical by the use of secondhand industrial flooring.

However, creating an elevated area in this fashion does not necessarily mean it must be used for storage purposes. Alternatively, it could provide the option to migrate certain facilities installed at ground level in order to free up some additional space below. Rather than supporting addition racks or shelves, the upper level could be used to accommodate packing and fabrication areas or offices, for example. This type of configuration offers the convenience of providing access to all stored items from a single floor.

If you should decide to purchase some secondhand industrial flooring, it will be important to ensure that it is of good quality. Therefore, just as you would if you were buying it brand new, you should be sure to deal only with a specialist. Firstly, an expert will be able to recognise any possible defects at the time of acquisition and either undertake to rectify them or decline to purchase the goods. Safe in the knowledge that all items sold are, in fact, sound, a dependable dealer will then be happy to provide you with a guarantee.

For guaranteed quality, when purchasing secondhand industrial flooring and other used storage equipment, South African companies have been relying on the superior design and workmanship typical of USE (Used Storage Equipment) for more than fifty years.

Its attention to detail has earned it the distinction of becoming one of the first South African companies to be awarded the SABS mark for exceptional quality. Where else would you purchase secondhand industrial flooring?

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