Second-Hand Gondola Shelving for Simple, Economical Storage and Display

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March 20, 2019
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March 29, 2019

In the light of an indifferent economy and the growing competition from online retailers, the pressure on the owners of high-street shops and convenience stores to maintain their profitability is increasing. Hampered by high rent and wage bills, cutting prices is not a sustainable solution and, instead, many such businesses are finding it increasingly necessary to focus on ways in which to reduce their costs. The conventional retail outlet still holds one advantage over its online competitors – the freedom to experience the merchandise. Even second-hand gondola shelving can display goods in a manner that ensures a far more interactive shopping experience than scrutinising images on a screen.

Vehicles, white goods, clothing, and many things with moving parts are subject to the risk of wear and tear and might reasonably deter a potential purchaser from considering such items if second-hand. However, good-quality storage equipment such as shelves and racks are of simple and robust construction, thus endowing them with an almost unlimited lifespan. An effective display with ease of access can be a crucial factor in promoting sales. So, why would one choose to spend big money on a capital purchase when second-hand gondola shelving can do the job just as well, and for a fraction of the price of a brand-new installation?

Whilst on the subject of installation, it is well worth noting that some storage and display systems are of a complex design and are almost certain to require the services of a trained installer. This, in turn, is likely to add an additional sum to the purchase price of the system, irrespective of whether it is new or used. By contrast, gondola shelving is simplicity itself to install as well as being exceptionally easy to adjust in order to accommodate items of varying shapes and sizes.

Consequently, in addition to any cash savings that the purchase of second-hand gondola shelving is certain to secure, the option of a DIY installation offers yet another way in which to reduce the pressure on your budget. No special skills or tools are required to assemble or dismantle these units and all the components are interchangeable. The single-sided units are ideal for placement against a wall, while the double-sided units can be used to form aisles and extended, as necessary, to provide the desired length and, therefore, enable you to make maximum use of the floorspace available.

Suitable for use in a wide range of outlets, such as supermarkets, hardware stores, liquor stores, and pharmacies, the purchase of second-hand gondola shelving is not only a sound economic decision but, because of its open and easily accessible design, it is also able to enhance your customers’ shopping experience and thus increase your sales.

Whether it is new or used, storage equipment is a specialised product and so it makes good sense to purchase it only from a specialist. Just as Krost is a name known for quality new storage products by retailers throughout South Africa, its subsidiary, Used Storage Equipment, or USE, is equally recognised for the exceptional quality of its used products. These include not only second-hand gondola shelving but used racking, mezzanine floors, lockers, staircases, and more.