Second-Hand Retail Racking – An Economical Way to Improve Your Business

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March 29, 2019
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April 4, 2019

There is often a fair amount of confusion regarding the terminology used to describe storage equipment and the uses to which such equipment is best suited. One question that often puzzles store owners when purchasing new or second-hand shop fittings is whether to choose retail shelving or racking. In practice, the answer will depend on the type of goods offered and could either be just one or the other, or both. While various types of shelving are generally considered to be the better option for ease of accessibility and display purposes, in outlets such as a hardware store, a builder’s merchant, or a cycle shop, racks are likely to prove far more practical, at least for the heavier and awkwardly shaped items.

Whichever may be required, because of the rugged construction and tough exterior finishes applied to storage equipment, they are virtually impervious to damage in normal use. Thus, unlike most other second-hand equipment, used retail racking or shelves can be relied upon to perform as well as a new product. They can, therefore, offer a store owner exceptional value for money and provide a substantial saving compared with the cost of purchasing such items new.

Even though, as with most store owners, you may prefer to use gondola or rivet shelving in the sales area, it may not be the best choice for the storeroom. Here, it is often the case that many items might be left in their original boxes or crates to prevent them from becoming damaged while they are waiting to go on display. In such cases, whether new or second-hand, racking can often be the better option for use in a retail storeroom.

Given that storerooms are normally out of the public eye, this allows staff the freedom to use ladders where necessary for manual picking and packing purposes, so it means your storage system can be built as high as possible. This will allow your store to make the best possible use of the space available. The racks may also be fitted with a choice of open or closed pine slats, steel, or other forms of decking material, depending on the weight and the nature of the items they will be required to support.

The South African economy continues to falter. As well as the nation’s consumers, its suppliers are also under pressure to find ways in which to save money. Second-hand retail racking, shelving, and other forms of used storage equipment offer the latter an excellent way to limit their costs, whether they are aiming to furnish a new store from the ground up, create a new look for an older store, or simply to extend the storage system within an existing outlet.

It is, however, important not to forget that the sale of storage equipment is, by nature, a specialised pursuit and that this is just as true when buying used items as when purchasing brand-new equipment. Accordingly, it also makes sense to deal with a specialist. In South Africa, there is nobody better to supply you with top-quality second-hand retail racking at a price you can afford than Used Storage Equipment.

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