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October 14, 2019
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December 2, 2019

When Shopping for Heavyweight Shelving, Consider a Secondhand Purchase

While a relatively flimsy bookshelf should be all that is necessary to store a few paperbacks and a floating shelf might be the perfect way to display some family photos, neither is likely to be an appropriate choice for heavier items, such as the power tools and engine parts that are often stored in a workshop or a garage. For such purposes, some form of heavyweight shelving will be necessary and if there is a need to save money, it might be a good idea to shop around for a secondhand product.

What is appropriate for the homeowner could well be even more so for a business, such as a commercial garage, a hardware store, or a warehouse and anywhere that the need to store heavy and often awkward items tends to be the norm. One of the best all-round heavyweight shelving solutions to tackle such tasks is to use single rivet beam high-density shelves. It is an option that offers several valuable benefits. In addition to being highly durable, its design provides maximum vertical clearance for those larger items, while enabling them to be accessed with ease from all sides if necessary. Incidentally, its exceptional durability also means that a secondhand system can be relied upon to perform as new.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of opting for this type of storage solution, however, is the ease with which it can be installed. It takes very little time, no real DIY experience, and no special tools to install this type of heavyweight shelving. Armed with nothing more than a rubber mallet, the installation can be completed in a matter of a few hours.

The design of the system allows the shelves to be positioned at intervals of 37,5 millimetres, which means that accommodating items of widely different sizes should never pose a problem. Units may be assembled back-to-back to form a stable free-standing structure or secured to a wall when used alone. In order to cater for loads of differing density, this variety of heavyweight shelving can be decked with either chipboard, plywood, or steel, as required. A particularly versatile option, it is an equally effective option for the storage and display of goods, whether in a retail, a wholesale, or an industrial facility. New or secondhand, it is definitely a flexible and highly cost-effective option.

In a warehouse, however, there are frequently situations in which it is necessary to store heavy items, but the use of shelves may not be convenient. Some classic examples are lengths of timber, plastic piping, and rolls of carpet. For such purposes, rather than employing heavyweight shelving, the use of cantilever racking is likely to provide a more practical solution. Once again, there is absolutely no reason why warehouse racking should not be sourced from a reputable supplier of secondhand storage equipment.

Whether seeking to source used shelves or racks, the keyword is reputable, and this means dealing only with a specialist in the field of storage and display. With almost 55 years’ experience behind them, the undisputed leader, in this case, is Gauteng-based USE (Used Storage Equipment). For secondhand heavyweight shelving, racking, mezzanine floors, and storage cabinets, this is the one-stop shop for South Africa’s retailers, wholesalers, and anyone in need of an inexpensive storage solution.