Consider Buying Some Used Gondola Shelving

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February 25, 2020
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May 15, 2020

Refurbishing Your Store? Consider Buying Some Used Gondola Shelving

It’s getting tougher by the day for many of the high-street retailers who are facing fierce competition from online stores, many of whom don’t even have to face the expense of maintaining a nationwide chain of physical premises. By contrast, when you want a loaf of bread or you’ve run out of milk, it’s the convenience stores and not the Internet that can help. With the right merchandising strategy and some smart, used gondola shelving, the small retailer is able to grab a share of that waning high-street custom also.

Presentation, lots of variety, and ease of accessibility were among the key factors responsible for the massive success of the supermarket and, in the wake of their impending decline, these factors are no less important to those who shop at the corner cafés and convenience stores that have become so much a part of consumers’ lives in many of the city’s residential suburbs and rural towns. Not only is used gondola shelving a sound investment, because it is substantially cheaper than purchasing brand new storage equipment, but also because it has proven to be so effective on the mainstream shopping scene.

There are several good reasons for its effectiveness in this role but, perhaps, the most significant of these is the manner in which it serves to increase the visibility of the various products on sale. Few measures have been more instrumental in increasing the sales of retail goods than the aisle system. While providing shoppers with easy access to goods on either side of them, used gondola shelving arranged in aisles promotes the free circulation of customers throughout the entire shopping area whilst opening the way for some opportunistic purchases in the process.

Furthermore, it is a way to maximise the use of your available space. In the days before self-service, most of the storage space was located behind or under the counters while large areas remained unused except by customers waiting to be served. Whether new or used, gondola shelving is one of the best ways to maximise the quantity and variety of items on display while still ensuring that they remain readily accessible to the customers.

For those who might harbour concerns regarding payment to a shopfitter to undertake the installation that would offset the savings of a second-hand purchase, such concerns are actually unfounded. The task of assembling could not be simpler and should be well within the capabilities of an owner or shop assistant. When assembled back-to-back, the result is a free-standing unit that is inherently stable. To make the fullest possible use of the space available, single used gondola shelving units can also be attached to any vacant walls, where they will act to further extend the aisle system.

This is a system that is as versatile as it is effective, making it an equally efficient storage and display option for a café, a bottle store, a pharmacy, a hardware outlet and, indeed, most retail businesses. To be sure of an affordable, top-quality product with the guarantee of many years of useful life, South Africa’s shop owners should purchase their used gondola shelving only from Used Storage Equipment.