August 15, 2018

Some Reasons New Business Owners Should Consider Second-Hand Gondola Shelving

The hardest part of starting a new business is surviving the initial outlay long enough to break even and start generating income. Because failure to do […]
September 9, 2018

Limited Budget? Then Why Not Consider Buying Second-Hand Steel Racking?

Few people would deny that it can be reassuring to purchase a brand-new product and to benefit from the security offered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Others […]
October 8, 2018

Used Boltless Shelving Is A Cheap and Durable Storage Option

Whether new or used, boltless shelving is not a storage option that is intended solely for use in a warehouse. Storing items in an orderly manner […]
November 10, 2018

Cut Your Costs by Installing Used or Second-Hand Library Shelving

While the importance of literacy has long been recognised in South Africa and throughout the African continent, practical efforts to encourage the development of this essential […]