April 4, 2019

Second-Hand Steel Shelving Can Benefit Both Start-Ups and Established Businesses

Times have been tough in South Africa over the last decade, due largely to the slower-than-expected economic recovery following the 2008 global financial recession. The result […]
April 6, 2019

Some Reasons to Consider Purchasing Second-Hand VNA Racking

Descriptions such as used and pre-owned can produce conflicting reactions. While some shoppers welcome the prospect of saving money, these terms can evoke suspicion about the […]
April 8, 2019

Choose Second-Hand VNA Racking for Economical High-Density Storage

Second-hand VNA racking offers an economical and efficient option for any business requiring a high-density storage facility. Floorspace continues to become more expensive with each passing […]
November 14, 2019

Secondhand Heavyweight Shelving

When Shopping for Heavyweight Shelving, Consider a Secondhand Purchase While a relatively flimsy bookshelf should be all that is necessary to store a few paperbacks and […]