Choose Quality, Used Shelving – An Economical Option with Multiple Uses

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March 13, 2018
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April 19, 2018

Over the course of the past four decades, South Africa has experienced a steady increase in the cost of living. The weak rand has made imports considerably more expensive, while the nation’s banks have made it harder for both private citizens and businesses to obtain affordable finance when needed. Such constraints have seen many of those once considered to be affluent now finding it just as necessary to economise as those less well off. Many more families are now opting for second-hand cars while, for a growing range of businesses, the appeal of used shelving and similar items of storage equipment is growing steadily.

Given, for example, the escalating cost per square metre of purchasing or leasing storage space or retail premises, both owners and lessees are compelled to use as much as possible of the space at their disposal. In order to do this as efficiently as possible requires a business to utilise not just the space at ground level, but as much of the available vertical space as may be practical. For wholesalers, the use of forklifts allows the use of vertical space normally beyond the reach of a human. In a retail outlet, of course, this is not possible. Whether its height is to be maximised or restricted to that easily accessible by consumers, used shelving of the correct design, and in suitably good condition, offers a valuable option for a business that may find it necessary to limit its capital outlay.

In an age when, apart from online orders, the bulk of our everyday purchases tend to be conducted in large department stores, supermarkets, or convenience stores, a storage facility that is also designed to display the merchandise in a manner that attracts the attention of the consumer is the option of choice. Unlike a pre-owned vehicle with thousands of moving parts to succumb to wear and tear, because of its simple and durable construction, used shelving do not display such deterioration as a result of normal use.

Equally suitable for the storage of most items, pre-owned shelves offer an affordable alternative to the purchase of new equipment for use in a wide range of non-retail activities also. Public libraries and other facilities maintained by state funding are obvious instances in which this simple economic measure could prove to be crucial to their continued operation.

Usually not seen by the general public, but no less vital to the daily needs of the nation’s consumers, are the numerous warehousing facilities responsible for the storage of wholesale goods prior to their distribution to retailers across South Africa. In these premises, capacity is often crucial and, an addition to used shelving of various designs, there will frequently be a need to install mezzanine floors in order to ensure utilising as much of the available elevated space as is practical.

That this is an option with the potential to save money is indisputable. However, to ensure maximum value, it is essential to buy any item of storage equipment, whether new or otherwise, from a reliable source. A subsidiary of Krost, Used Storage Equipment aka USE, is a preferred supplier of high-quality used shelving and other storage systems to businesses and institutions in South Africa.