Choose Second-Hand VNA Racking for Economical High-Density Storage

Some Reasons to Consider Purchasing Second-Hand VNA Racking
April 6, 2019
Get More for Your Money with Used Retail Shelving
June 7, 2019

Second-hand VNA racking offers an economical and efficient option for any business requiring a high-density storage facility. Floorspace continues to become more expensive with each passing year and it is therefore important to utilise it as fully and efficiently as possible. This can be particularly crucial in the case of a dedicated storage facility such as a warehouse, as being forced to move to larger premises at some future date could prove to be both costly and disruptive.

There are essentially two ways in which to maximise the available floorspace. In premises that are of a sufficient height to accommodate vertical expansion, a mezzanine floor could be the answer. However, where there is not, the alternative solution is to install VNA racking. In each case, a second-hand purchase can, of course, save money, as well as optimising the use of your available space.

In the case of the latter option, the 3-letter acronym explains just how this more effective use of the limited space is made possible. It stands for “very narrow aisle” and so it refers to a system that makes it possible to accommodate more rows of storage racks than would otherwise be possible if the aisles between them were of the wider variety more commonly seen in warehouses. In this case, the aisle width will normally be somewhere between 2,3 and 2,7 metres and offers a perfect solution for the storage of palletised goods, maximising storage capacity whilst maintaining easy access to individual pallets. The cost of those additional rows, of course, can be limited simply by opting for second-hand VNA racking rather than purchasing it new.

By definition, storage equipment has to be tough and, in normal use, there is no reason that it should not continue to perform according to the manufacturer’s specifications indefinitely. This means that although any reservations one may have with regard to the purchase of used items may be justified in the case of a motor vehicle or a household appliance, they are essentially irrelevant when considering this type of product. In practice, some of the leading manufacturers of storage equipment such as Krost Shelving & Racking encourage their clients to trade in their old equipment as a means to offset the cost of a new purchase or simply if they no longer have a need for it. In this case, high-quality second-hand VNA racking and similar products are available through the Krost subsidiary company, Used Storage Equipment.

Naturally, limiting the aisle width calls for alternative handling options such as the use of turret trucks and stacker cranes that are only marginally narrower than the aisles themselves and fitted with masts or fork heads that can be rotated to the left or right to provide safe and efficient load handling within the confined space. Typically, a modern VNA truck can lift a 1-tonne pallet to a height of around 17 metres. Steel guide rails arranged along the base of the racks or wires embedded in the concrete floor serve to direct the trucks, leaving the driver free to focus on the load and preventing damage to the racks or the truck. As well as saving money, our second-hand VNA racking may also be used with remote-controlled vehicles if required.