Cut Your Costs by Installing Used or Second-Hand Library Shelving

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October 8, 2018
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March 20, 2019

While the importance of literacy has long been recognised in South Africa and throughout the African continent, practical efforts to encourage the development of this essential skill have, in many cases, tended to lag behind. While teachers can lay the foundations, the high prices charged for books and other reading material often denies learners the means to expand their abilities and, while providing free access to such material on school and public premises could provide an effective solution, the cost of equipping them can also be prohibitive. To overcome this financial barrier, the purchase of used library shelving offers a means to substantially reduce the cost of setting up such facilities, an invaluable option for the nation’s less affluent areas.

It is all too easy to ascribe illiteracy as the result of poor teaching, a lack of enthusiasm on the part of learners, or insufficient encouragement from their parents. In reality, however, it is budgetary constraints that are, by far, the biggest source of the problem and, if allowed to continue, it could disempower future generations. While both individuals and aid organisations are only too happy to donate second-hand books and magazines, obtaining the premises and the furnishings to equip them is largely up to municipalities or the community members themselves. Either way, though just as effective as a brand-new installation, choosing to install second-hand library shelving could help turn a seemingly impossible idea into a financially viable project.

It is not only public facilities that can benefit from such savings, however. For those who find it necessary to store their constantly expanding collection of books and professional journals in cupboards and suitcases, or wherever else they can find spare space, getting hold of some cheap, second-hand shelves could be a far better option. Rather than being stacked randomly in piles, those books could then be stored in a more logical sequence or, at least, according to their relative size. For a modest investment in some used industrial shelving, a part of a family room could easily be transformed into a home library. Adding a pre-owned desk and a reading lamp could complete the transformation without breaking the bank.

In many cases, it is quite understandable that some people might be averse to repurposing what they may perceive to be the previous owner’s second-hand discards. However, while this may sometimes be true of home appliances, clothing and motor vehicles, it does not really apply to pre-owned storage equipment such as used library shelving. Just as a roadworthy certificate helps to inspire confidence in a used car, there are similar safeguards when purchasing these items. As is the case with most specialised items, it is best not to attempt to source shelves from a general dealer in pre-owned items. Instead, you would be advised to seek out a specialist in this field as they will better understand your requirements and know how best to meet them.

Whether your purchase is for personal use or you are involved in the promotion of literacy in your community, there is only one specialist in the supply of second-hand library shelving in South Africa. Be sure to deal only with Used Storage Equipment.