Get More for Your Money with Used Retail Shelving

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April 8, 2019
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July 29, 2019

There are few types of storage and display equipment that are used more widely than retail shelving. The days of counter service, when it was the shop owners and their assistants who retrieved the required merchandise from wherever it was stored on behalf of their customers, are largely a distant memory that has since been replaced by rows of shelves from which clients now select their own purchases. The transition has benefitted those who shop at corner cafés and convenience stores, giving them more time to make their selections, as well as more choices to browse over, whilst leaving staff to focus mainly on collecting payments and packing. In supermarkets, there would be no other way to display the vast array of stock items that they are now required to stock.

Given the typical cost of most shop fittings, purchasing used retail shelving can be a good way for owners to keep their spending under control, as well as allowing them to get more for their money than when shopping for a brand-new product. Anyone opening a new bottle store or book shop, and dipping into their life saving or taking out a bank loan to equip it, should pause before splashing out on new equipment. Instead, any prospective new business owners will be well advised to consider how much they could save or how much more equipment could be purchased simply by opting to purchase second-hand items where appropriate.

One can understand a degree of reticence when, for example, purchasing previously owned items, such as freezers, fridges, and air conditioners. However, whether new or not, retail shelving has no moving parts that could have become worn out and require costly repairs and, furthermore, this type of product is designed to be more or less indestructible in normal use.

When managed efficiently, the business amounts to a recycling process that benefits businesses financially while also providing a more sustainable option than simply manufacturing more. The process makes it possible for larger organisations, such as the popular supermarket chains to trade in their existing storage and display equipment for alternative systems when it no longer meets their requirements. For them, it is an option that helps to keep their costs down whilst making used products, such as shelving readily available to the owners of smaller sales outlets at prices that are far more affordable for them.

For most retailers, the variety known as gondola shelving provides the perfect means to showcase their wares. Easily adjusted to accommodate items of different sizes, when the units are installed back to back, they provide the stable structure required for the classic aisle formation, while single units can be wall-mounted to ensure optimal use of the available space. In storerooms, however, aesthetics become less important than practicality. Here, used shelving of the boltless type provides a storage system that offers the all-around accessibility required to speed up and simplify the picking and packing processes, as well as costing less than the gondola-style units.

Where quality is assured, second-hand storage solutions are a sound option for any retailer who is operating on a tight budget. However, to ensure that quality, it pays to deal with a specialist, which is the reason many stores prefer to purchase from Used Storage Equipment.