Some Innovative Uses for Secondhand Steel Shelving

Second-Hand Steel Shelving Can Be as Good as New
July 29, 2019
Why and Where to Buy Secondhand Industrial Flooring
October 14, 2019

So, you are thinking about tidying up your garage or providing some extra storage space in your kitchen, but your budget is a bit tight at the moment. Well, perhaps the first thing to consider is that you could save quite a bit simply by purchasing some previously owned fittings. Furthermore, industrial and commercial fittings are often far more efficient, as well as cheaper than those designed for residential use. In fact, you could do little better than buying some secondhand steel shelving.

Just lining a single wall of your garage with these tough metal shelves could make your life a whole lot simpler in a matter of an hour. Not only are they designed to be exceptionally tough, but they are also the perfect way to store your tools, spare parts, and other items of equipment in a manner that ensures they are both clearly visible and easily accessible. These are precisely the reasons why they are the preferred choice of businesses, such as hardware stores and bookshops. Also, because they are so resistant to damage, many businesses are happy to rely on secondhand steel shelving rather than paying the price for a brand new installation.

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of good reasons to install extra shelves in the kitchen, but why not use wood? In practice, these metal units are far more hardwearing. They are resistant to scratching and chipping, and if you do not care for their original colour, they can be spray-painted to fit in with your existing kitchen décor. For just a few extra rands, your secondhand steel shelving can be transformed, and so can your kitchen. Use it to organise your cooling accessories, perhaps in some matching baskets or to line the walls of a utility room to provide some additional pantry space.

Many modern homes are now built to an open-plan design in which, for example, the dining area may be continuous with the preparation area. While this does have its advantages when it comes to serving the family meals, some suitably painted secondhand steel shelving could be used to create a room divider. This can provide a simple, but effective, compromise while still offering the required extra storage space.

The other aspect of modern dwellings is that they have become smaller in recent years, and even in those homes that are equipped with a separate laundry room, the latter is often fairly short of space. Nevertheless, if you are looking for somewhere to store detergents, stain removers, and fabric softeners, the wall space above the washing machine and dryer could be the perfect spot in which to fit some of your spare secondhand steel shelving.

When new, these products might have served any number of different purposes from storing cans and packets in a grocery store or nuts, bolts, washers, nails, and screws in a hardware store to stacking books in a school library. Given that their robust nature offers an economical storage option for other businesses, it makes sense for homeowners to explore the various ways in which to exploit their use for domestic purposes. Other places where secondhand steel shelving could prove useful in the home include bars, libraries, craft rooms, and bathrooms.