Used Mezzanine Floors



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Due to the high ceilings of many warehouses, space wastage becomes a serious issue. And, since inaccessible space means a decrease in productivity, wasted spaceessentially equates to wasted money.

Fortunately, there is a very efficient solution to this problem; mezzanine floors. Mezzanine floors are essentially raised platforms that act as second floors to warehouses and industrial environments. These allow for any number of advantages, ranging from extra office space to loading and storage platforms.

Double the surface area can mean up to double the productivity in a particular environment, which is why mezzanine floors are so popular in the warehousing and industrial fields. However, mezzanine floors often appear in retail outlets and offices as well.

USE has been manufacturing and installing mezzanine floors for decades, which has given us the experience and aptitude necessary for the distribution of extremely high quality products. Used Storage Equipment makes our products even more reasonable and accessible, allowing many new companies to enjoy the various advantages of mezzanine floors. And, since we pride ourselves in the offering of products and services of extremely high quality, our used and second-hand mezzanine flooring is no less efficient than our brand new equipment.

Advantages of Mezzanine Floors

  • Quick and simple installation means that you won’t experience major productivity losses.
  • Because of their impermanent nature there are often no issues with planning approval preceding their installation.
  • They are customisable in that their structure lends itself to different methods of assembly. Moreover, they are easily moved and rearranged.
  • They can work in conjunction with shelving and racking systems, making them even more space efficient.
  • They are designed with safety in mind, which makes them ideal for use in industrial environments.

With the high quality products available from USE, many new companies will be able to enjoy the many benefits of mezzanine floors. For more information on their purpose and benefits, be sure to contact us today.