Painting Ideas for Used Second Hand Lockers

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Used Second hand Lockers

Used Second hand Lockers


We’ve often spoken of the idea of bringing used second hand lockers into your home or workplace – as is – in order to bring an industrial-chic look to your décor. But, while that is very fashionable, it’s not for everyone. Except there’s no rule saying that if you want to make use of some old steel lockers, you have to keep them in the condition they were in when you bought them. In fact, many people have a lot of fun when it comes to sprucing up old lockers with a fresh and fun paint-job.


Here are a few ideas that prove that a new coat of paint and a few minor modifications can make used second hand lockers look good in any kind of home or office:


Used Second Hand Lockers with a New Lease on Life


  1. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink


You might not usually think of using an industrial locker in, say, a child’s playroom. But, why not? It has ample room for toy storage and is sturdy enough to stand up to any playroom antics. If it’s just a case of making the colour friendlier, think bright and vibrant.


The same goes for a craft room or something of that nature. This pink locker looks exceptionally cheerful in this study.


  1. Bright White for Day and Night

Bright White for Day and Night


White is always a popular choice when it comes to painting old furniture – and for good reason. It brings a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation to the item, giving it new purpose. Plus, white does well in brightening a room. This is definitely the case with this old locker, which is now a fantastic-looking bookcase for a family room.


  1. Cool Blue


Cool Blue

If you’re thinking about painting an old locker, you don’t have to limit your thoughts to just the outside. This particular locker was left with the original paint on the outside, but was treated to a cool blue shade on the inside. With some glass doors to show off its interior, this would look excellent next to, say, a bar or a pinball table in a man-cave.


  1. Green Mesh to Make Your Dining Room Fresh


Green Mesh to Make Your Dining Room Fresh

If you want to bring some quirk to your home, draw inspiration from this locker. Painted green and fitted with a mesh front (for visibility), this locker is the ideal addition to a funky dining room. And, it’ll still be perfect even if you don’t tilt your lampshades!