How to Protect Your Used Industrial Shelving

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Used Industrial Shelving‎

Used Industrial Shelving‎


Used industrial shelving presents a great opportunity to obtain high-quality shelving and racking at a much lower cost. But, saving money on a product is no good if you’re going to leave it open to damage. After all, replacing damaged equipment twice as often means it cost twice as much. So, if you really want to get the most out of your used industrial shelving, you might want to take a few safety precautions both before you install it and after it is in full operation.


These safety measures don’t have to be radical, and they are actually good practice even if you don’t have the specific goal of keeping your shelving in tip-top condition. So, with that in mind, here are some helpful tips for protecting your used shelving:


Keeping Your Used Industrial Shelving in Great Condition


  1. Use Protectors

Upright shelving and racking protectors are specifically-shaped pieces of metal that fit around the lower corners of your industrial shelving and racking. These come in U-shapes (which cover three sides of an upright) or L-shapes (which cover two sides). Both of these keep the corners from taking the full brunt of a forklift swipe or a collision with a flatbed trolley or pallet truck. It is much cheaper and easier to replace these protectors than your rack or shelf’s upright.


  1. Ensure a Good Warehouse Layout

Another way to stave off damage by forklift is to minimise the chances of forklifts coming into contact with the shelving. Of course, there will always be a chance of this happening when forklifts have to be around the storage equipment in order to retrieve stock from it. But, by ensuring that they have more room to manoeuvre, you certainly bring down the risk of dents and scratches. Wider aisles and clearly marked lanes are a great start.


  1. Enforce a Culture of Safety

It also helps to conduct regular safety briefings so as to keep everyone in your warehouse up to scratch on your preferred safety procedures. This will help keep accidents to a minimum, and will also help keep your racking and shelving in the best condition possible.


  1. Conduct Regular Checks

Shelving and racking that develops bends in its beams can lose its integrity and become a safety risk. This is the same with metal that starts to corrode, and joints whose welding starts to tear or diminish. Make sure that you don’t allow your storage equipment to get to this state by conducting regular safety inspections. As soon as you see damage that looks like it could lead to a weakened rack or shelf, have the equipment seen to by professionals or pull it from the warehouse floor.


Start Off with the Best Used Industrial Shelving


The best way to ensure that your used storage equipment stays in great shape is to start off with the best used equipment on the market. And, in this regard, you’ve come to the right place. With a wide selection of excellent quality equipment at great prices, USE has you covered!