Purchasing Used Racking and Shelving: Buyer Beware!

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If you were to do an internet search for used racking and warehouse shelving, chances are that you’ll turn up dozens of different racking suppliers, promising the cheapest prices and wide availability. While it may be tempting to go along with any used racking suppliers you come across based on the great second hand price alone, be sure that you do your homework before you buy, or lives could literally be at stake!

As one of the most trusted used racking suppliers in Johannesburg, we undertake stringent quality testing on all our used racking products before putting them up for sale – we know that it’s not only your business’ operations, but also your employees’ wellbeing at stake. Sadly, many used racking suppliers are less fastidious, interested only in selling off their used racking for profit without any regard for whether it performs or not.

That’s why we’ve put together this handy little guide on what to look for, and which questions to ask, when you’re in the market for some used racking.

Krost Used used racking

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Does it meet my needs?

This is a good starting point, because there’s no point in buying something that doesn’t do what you need it to. Make sure that the racking you’re viewing is the right size and capacity to fit into your space, as well as to hold all the goods you’re planning on storing there. Try to find used racking that makes full use of the ceiling height you have available so there isn’t any wasted space at the top, or you’ll be paying for space you don’t use. Also think about any accessories or extra pieces you may need – are they included or available elsewhere? Older racking systems may have been discontinued, meaning you’ll have a hard time finding extra parts if you need them.

Inspection: what to look for in quality used racking

  • Do you know what the correct capacity of the racking is, and does the seller have documentation to back the technical specs up? Overloading racking is extremely dangerous and can lead to deaths from collapses, not to mention potentially millions lost in damaged goods and clean-up operations.
  • Can you see compromised, modified or repaired components? Make sure that any modifications are approved by the manufacturer, and that the safety of the racking has not been compromised.
  • Are there any bent frames or beams? These can be a sign of damage due to vehicle impacts, most often from reckless forklift driving. While dents and bends in the frame and beams do not necessarily mean that the racking needs replacing, these do require attention and repair before they can be safely loaded.
  • Are there any areas of corrosion or obvious signs of chemical spills? While it may look like just a bit of rust or staining, racking can be severely compromised by spills, depending on the chemical in question. Certain chemicals can corrode metal without showing major signs of damage until it’s too late, so if you spot these tell-tale signs, make sure you get an engineer or metallurgist to double check before you buy.


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