Racking Solutions to Common Warehouse Problems

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If you know what it feels like to accept a big delivery and not have the available racking to store the goods, or have to fill a big order but you aren’t sure where to find the goods that need shipping, you’re not alone. Warehouses, just like other businesses, are all faced by a few primary problems that seem to crop up all over the industry.

But, fortunately, these problems needn’t persist. In fact, it is possible to solve many of these through racking and shelving solutions. In order to give you a better idea of what we mean, let’s take a look at the most common warehouse problems in the world and how to solve them.

Racking and Shelving Solutions for Major Warehouse Problems

1. Lack of Productivity

This can sometimes be caused by a lack of motivation in your employees, but it is often the case that low productivity occurs as a result of a poorly planned warehouse layout. If your employees have difficulty getting to certain picking zones or if they have to travel on long picking routes to collect items that are often ordered together, you may have to rethink your layout. Look for a solution that makes popular items easy to access and minimises picking routes.

2. Operating at Capacity

A large amount of warehouses operate close to maximum capacity. If this is the case, it makes it difficult to time deliveries of new stock. But, is your warehouse really full? There might be unused areas or vertical space going to waste.

If this is the case, consider bringing in taller racking or possibly installing mezzanines. This will give you more opportunity for storage without having to think about moving to new premises or outsourcing storage.

3. Control of Your Stock

It sounds daunting for good reason – it’s no easy feat. However, keeping track of where your stock is on the warehouse floor is extremely important. Keep track of stock that has the biggest turnover to ensure efficiency. Also, ensure that perishables stay fresh by using pallet mole racking or shuttle racking solutions, for example, which allow for FIFO storage.

Used Racking Solutions

Industrial shelves and racks can be used to solve the main issues in a warehouse, which makes them a commodity. But, if your budget doesn’t quite cover the purchase of new equipment, all is not lost.

At USE we sell used storage equipment which works as well as new equipment, but costs a lot less. So, to outfit your warehouse with the equipment you need to solve your problems right away, contact USE today!

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