Racking Solutions: Are They Truly Helpful?

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January 5, 2017
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Second Hand Shelving Benefits
February 5, 2017
Racking Solutions

Warehouses across South Africa make use of various racking systems which provide them with the racking solutions they require. Racking suppliers aren’t new to the advantages of their racking systems, but the one question they always face is the following: Are racking systems helping my business improve?

Although racking systems have their advantages and disadvantageous, answering the question is not as simple as one might think. How we’re going to attempt answering it is by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of racking systems and see which will benefit specific racking solutions. If the advantages are more than the disadvantages in a certain scenario, you will now if racking systems is the better option for you.

Let’s look at the following scenarios and see why racking solutions will benefit it and your business.

Storing stock

As with any warehouse, one of your main priorities is storing stock. Racking suppliers have an array of racking solutions available. These racking systems give warehouses the ability to store stock in large quantities. This is makes supplying customers more convenient, affordable and reliable. Racking systems also make exchanging stock easy as the racking systems.

Exchanging stock

Mentioned in the previous section, exchanging stock is easy when you have racking systems fitted in your warehouse. Using cranes or forklifts, stock can be placed or removed from racking systems easily as it is always open and visible


Speaking of constant visibly, racking solutions gives you the ability to always have an eye on your stock. Unfortunately, stock theft does occur in many warehouses. With Racking systems being open and visible, your fitted security system has a clear view on your valuable stock 24 hours of the day. This makes securing your stock easier and keeps theft to a minimum.

Work flow

The flow of work is something that companies spend thousands if not millions on each year. To improve the flow of work in a working environment means you increase productivity and streamline the work, eventually saving you time and money. This can easily be achieved using racking systems. With racking systems, the warehouse floor can be organised to have clear walkways while the stock can be placed in an orderly manner, thus making the finding and handling of stock easier. This immediately increases your warehouse’s work flow without spending the money on all that initial research.

Image Credit: www.simplybusinessproducts.co.uk