Some Reasons to Consider Purchasing Second-Hand VNA Racking

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March 29, 2019
Second-Hand Retail Racking – An Economical Way to Improve Your Business
March 29, 2019

Descriptions such as used and pre-owned can produce conflicting reactions. While some shoppers welcome the prospect of saving money, these terms can evoke suspicion about the quality of used goods in others. However, the sad reality is that there has seldom been a time when it has been more necessary for South Africans to find ways to economise. More and more, families are now choosing to scan the pages of smalls ads to look for bargains rather than purchase new goods from high-street retailers or suburban shopping malls. The economic squeeze is not only affecting consumers, but wholesalers and retailers too. For many of them, the option of purchasing second-hand VNA racking and similar storage equipment has now become far more attractive than in the past.

There is little doubt that pre-used items can often show signs of wear and tear and this can affect their long-term performance and whether or not they are the bargains they appear to be. For machinery with moving parts or electrical components, and items made from less robust materials such as wood and plastic, the heightened risk of latent malfunction or physical damage could be a justifiable deterrent. On the other hand, for items with no moving parts, fabricated from steel and subjected to very little wear and tear, even during several years of use, such risks are largely insignificant. Such is the case when purchasing second-hand VNA racking.

The 3-letter acronym stands for “very narrow aisle”. This in itself amounts to a means to economise, as it enables the owner of a warehouse to make the fullest possible use of the total available space for storage purposes, while requiring the minimum for the packing and picking functions. This type of equipment can also be used to further extend the storage space with taller racks, which may be anything up to 17 metres in height. A great choice for any company that has a need to store large volumes of stock items, but is pushed for floorspace, the option to purchase second-hand VNA racking means it not only offers warehouses a highly practical storage solution, but also a substantially more economical one.

New or used, storage and display equipment is always in high demand and suppliers are often more than willing to buy back used items from their clients if their needs should change or they no longer require it. As experts in their own product, they are obviously well-positioned to determine its quality and, accordingly, they tend to be viewed as preferred suppliers by those in search of good-quality used storage equipment such as second-hand VNA racking.

One such preferred supplier, aptly named Used Storage Equipment, or USE, is a specialist in this field and offers warehouses, retailers, and others who use organised storage systems a complete range of previously owned items. In addition to all of the common forms of shelving and racking, we also carry many related items such as mezzanine floors, staircases, lockers, and filing cabinets to store essential documents. Buying second-hand VNA racking from USE offers the assurance of high quality backed by professional service.