Some Reasons New Business Owners Should Consider Second-Hand Gondola Shelving

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July 9, 2018
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September 9, 2018

The hardest part of starting a new business is surviving the initial outlay long enough to break even and start generating income. Because failure to do so is the most common reason new ventures frequently close their doors prematurely, every rand saved on start-up costs makes a difference. Rather than buying equipment, for example, it will usually be more affordable to lease it. On the other hand, purchasing second-hand items such as gondola shelving or racking offers the new business owner a means to save some cash whilst, at the same time, gaining ownership of a saleable asset.

In light of the growing awareness that the earth’s resources are not inexhaustible and that there are finite limits to its ability to sustain a balanced environment in the face of domestic and industrial pollution, recycling is becoming increasingly crucial. Even when financial concerns may be of less consequence, any action that might serve to limit the burning of fossils fuels and our burgeoning carbon footprint is more than justified and another good reason for a new business owner to consider buying second-hand gondola shelving rather than newly manufactured units.

It is possible that your new business premises is already fitted with traditional-style shelves. In this case, the shelves are built directly into the wall and spaced at fixed intervals. While making use of the existing layout could save money, you will need to be certain that it will meet the requirements of your business. If, for example, you need to display items of varying size and make better use of the available floorspace, traditional, wall-mounted shelves are unlikely to be the answer. Even if you are unable to afford a new installation and must settle for second-hand units, gondola shelving is by far the more versatile option.

The ease with which it is possible to change the position of the individual shelves without the need for special tools is just one of the reasons that have made gondola shelving such a popular choice among retailers of all varieties, from supermarkets and convenience stores to garages and bookshops. An even greater benefit, of course, is the fact that when paired back to back, rather than attached to wall-mounted supports, the resulting free-standing units allow owners to capitalise on the available floorspace to a far greater extent, whilst also making the shopping experience a lot simpler for their customers. Whether new or second-hand, gondola shelving can be supplied with a peg-board backing that can be used to extend its versatility even further. The holes provide a means to support rods and hooks for the display of small, packaged goods such as sweets, snacks, toys, and stationery items.

Understandably, perhaps, many people harbour doubts about the quality of pre-owned items and tend to be suspicious regarding the reasons why a previous owner may have chosen to be rid of them. Firstly, items such as these do not normally experience much wear and tear, although it pays to inspect used items personally rather than trusting photographs and purchasing online. Used Storage Equipment guarantees that all its second-hand products, including gondola shelving, racking and mezzanine flooring, to name just a few, are just as reliable as their new products.