How to Restore Used Old Metal Lockers

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With used metal lockers being exceptionally handy in industrial and residential environments it’s a good thing that this country has plenty of used metal lockers for sale.  But, while many of the used metal lockers in South Africa are in perfect shape for an industrial environment, they might require a bit of restoration if their new home is to be, well… a home.

If you want to bring a few used old metal lockers into your house for that industrial look, or even if you want to refurbish the ones going into your workshop or warehouse, the good news is that the process isn’t too intensive.  In just a couple of hours you could have completely reinvigorated a few lucky lockers – which is even more incentive to find some used metal lockers for sale.

5 Easy Steps for Making Used Metal Lockers Look Like New

1. Gathering the Supplies

As you probably know, having all of the necessary supplies on hand makes the job go much, much faster.  Instead of having to dash backwards and forwards getting tools and supplies as you need them, they’re all right there, ready for you to pick up and use.

For this job you’ll need an orbital or belt sander (or sandpaper and lots of elbow grease), some mineral spirits, some primer, and some spray paint.  Make sure you also have some old clothes, so you don’t ruin your favourite threads, and some good eye protection.

2. Sanding

Use your sander to get off as much of the old paint as possible.  If your locker has ventilation slots, you might have to get in between these by hand.  Take your time and don’t get impatient, but don’t worry about being absolutely thorough either – you can clean off residual paint in the next step.

3. Stripping

Use mineral spirits to clear off the rest of the old paint.  You can use paint thinner as well, but thinner is less refined and often not as potent.  Plus, mineral spirits are a lot less strong-smelling.

4. Prime

Give the metal locker a good coat of primer.  It may take a few coats to create a perfectly smooth finish, but this is fine.  Give the locker as many coats as it needs.

5. Paint

Now it’s time to give the locker its paint coat.  Similar to the primer, this may take a few coats, which is absolutely fine.  Keep painting until you’re happy with the finished look.

There you have it; refurbishing an old locker is as simple as that.  You then have a locker that looks as good as new and is ready to go into your home or workshop.  Just be sure that the locker itself is a good quality product to ensure that it has a long, productive life in its new environment.  The best way to ensure that you have a great locker is, of course, to use the finest supplier of used metal lockers in South Africa – USE!


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