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November 14, 2019
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Second-Hand Gondola Shelving for Effective Storage on a Budget

This popular retail storage and display system is named after the shallow-draft vessels that ferry tourists around the maze of canals that criss-cross the Adriatic port of Venice. Whether new or second-hand, when viewed in cross-section, the profile of gondola shelving bears a distinct resemblance to that of the hull of this iconic Venetian craft. However, while purchasing the latter could set you back as much, if not more than an average home in many parts of South Africa, furnishing a fair-sized store with this kind of display equipment should not break the bank.

One of the major virtues of this type of system is that it is designed to endure a lot of punishment. The net result is that, even after many years of use, it tends to retain its original condition. Consequently, there is no good reason to doubt its long-term value, even when purchasing second-hand gondola shelving. What you can expect, however, is a substantial saving when compared with the cost of purchasing a brand-new system.

Apart from their sturdy construction, there are several other good reasons why these units have become so widely favoured by the retail trade. For example, convenience and versatility are widely seen as major factors in determining the suitability of a retail display system. In this case, the ease with which these units can be assembled, disassembled, and reconfigured is a big plus for the owner of a busy store.

With a suitable quantity of second-hand gondola shelving, an empty room can be transformed into a mini-market with a network of aisles, in just a couple of hours. Because the system is flexible, it can be configured to hold items of all shapes and sizes with the aid of a wide range of handy accessories. This means the layout of the display can be quickly adapted to meet the changing needs of both customers and stock.

The basic freestanding unit or island consists of two sets of shelves positioned back to back and separated by a metal panel. Pegboard backing is also available for use with new and second-hand gondola shelving and offers retailers a means to display certain items, such as packets of sweets or small toys, by suspending them from hooks inserted into the board. For larger premises, multiple islands can be joined together to form runs. And, when fitted with end caps, these can accommodate the aisle-end displays that are often used to promote new products or special offers.

To complete the store’s display system and to ensure you make full use of all the available floor space, a suitable number of wall units should also be included when purchasing new or second-hand gondola shelving. These are one-sided with just a single set of shelves and are not freestanding, but are designed to be placed against a wall. They can also be joined to form runs, and so, adding wall units not only ensures that both the side and back walls are utilised, but effectively creates three additional shopping aisles.

To sum up, purchasing second-hand gondola shelving is not just an economical option, but is also the most versatile and effective means for retailers to display merchandise in stores of all sizes. To learn more, contact Used Storage Equipment.