Second-Hand Heavy Weight Shelving

Used Library Shelving
November 30, 2020

Heavy Weight Shelving Makes a Big Difference

It’s a blessing that many things employed by commerce and industry are reusable and not disposable, as this common-sense approach makes several benefits possible. Prime amongst them is cost savings, as many reused goods perform close to, or on a par with, the new version, while market dynamics dictate that their price is far lower. Think of the second-hand car market, for example, where it’s possible to pick up an almost new sedan with around 30 percent shaved off the price.

The used car market might be a prominent example of value for money in motoring-mad South Africa, but there are innumerable instances where second-hand goods present excellent utility for a substantially reduced price. For many companies, vertical storage is a logical imperative to address diminishing working space, and shelving with a good carrying capacity provides the perfect solution. Second-hand heavy weight shelving is so often in demand by commerce and industry, in fact, it’s formed a market of its own.

Heavy Weight Shelving Does the Job, Beautifully

Nobody works well in a mess, and the most immediate benefit of setting up some heavy duty shelving is also the most visible – things look a whole lot neater, smarter, and more professional. We’ve all been into the local lawnmower shop or steel merchant and seen the disarray that inadequately equipped premises generate. To be fair, many businesses are simply inhibited by the costs associated with floor to ceiling shelving, no matter that it would make such a huge difference to productivity.

This is where second-hand heavy weight shelving truly comes into its own, as it lands at a far more affordable price, yet also presents and performs on a par with brand new shelving. A great many industries (and even more companies within those industries) consider heavy weight shelving indispensable, such as:

  • Backroom Retail, where a busy store finds that it needs to carry a large amount of stock to make consistency of supply easier.
  • Manufacturing industries – and especially heavy industry – are almost entirely dependent on vertical storage solutions, and these industries are probably the biggest presence driving the market for second-hand heavy weight shelving.
  • Logistics or distribution companies benefit from such shelving too, as they either have to stack whatever is being shipped vertically or look around for a bigger warehouse (that comes at a higher cost).
  • Companies that make extensive use of refrigeration are also often big beneficiaries of heavy weight shelving, as refrigeration costs a whack, making vertical storage a virtual necessity.
  • Public service amenities are also big on used shelving – just think of hospitals and their equipment, firefighting stations, even libraries.

Get the Best Second-Hand Heavy Weight Shelving on the Market

At Krost Shelving & Racking, we go out of our way to optimise the as-new look of second-hand shelving, while also pushing prices way down. We love bringing great value to our customers, and it’s a singular pleasure to see heavy weight shelving optimising clients’ premises, knowing that it landed as an affordable and thoroughly welcome solution.

We offer a host of shelving, racking, flooring, and storage solutions, so get what you need from those who know practical ergonomics inside and out – call us today for a cost and availability that’s bound to make you smile.