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December 2, 2019
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February 25, 2020

Second-Hand Racking Can Be a Great Option for Retail Storage

The majority of retailers tend to prefer to install gondola shelving as the means to display their goods to ensure maximum visual impact. They also choose it because of its smart appearance and the fact that it makes it easy for their customers to access the items on display. Behind the scenes in the storeroom, however, where space often tends to be fairly limited, second-hand racking can be both a cheap and a convenient alternative for a retail store.

The main difference between these two popular storage options is that while shelves provide a solid base on which one can support individual stored items, racks do not. Instead, they are most often intended as a means to accommodate goods on pallets and, therefore, enable a shop owner to hold large quantities of stock items in reserve. The pallets can be unpacked in the storeroom and their contents transferred to the sales area as and when they are required.

Apart from costing substantially less than a new storage system, second-hand racking can be the perfect option for some types of retail stores. Where it may be necessary to display exceptionally long items, such as rolls of carpeting or bolts of fabric, a rack could provide a much stronger and more convenient option than a shelf.

In addition, where the items offered for sale may tend to be a bit on the bulky side or of an awkward shape, the former is, again, the better choice. For example, in a hardware store or an outlet specialising in car accessories, the cheapest and most effective way to display products, such as tyres, garden tools, and similar items could be to install some second-hand retail racking.

In fact, the sale of used storage and display equipment has grown into a thriving business in recent years. To a large extent, this is the result of factors, such as high rental prices and increased tariffs for water and electricity that have driven shop owners to look for other ways in which to reduce their expenditure. While purchasing used equipment rather than new is one obvious option, some tend to doubt the quality of pre-owned goods. Storage equipment has no moving parts and is made from high-quality materials. This means that second-hand racking, whether for retail or wholesale use, can be relied upon to perform every bit as effectively as a brand-new system.

In practice, when wishing to modify or expand an existing storage and display system, many store owners now trade in their old equipment and use the cash as a means to save on the cost of their new purchases, often dealing with the same company from which they made their previous purchase. This common practice only serves to further underline the inherent reliability of pre-owned storage equipment, such as second-hand retail racking. So, where in South Africa should one shop for these used items?

The simple answer when looking for any specialised product is, wherever possible, to deal with the industry leader. In this case, it is a company appropriately named Used Storage Equipment. A subsidiary of Krost Shelving & Racking. We are the preferred supplier of used items, such as mezzanine floors, access staircases, storage lockers cabinets and, of course, second-hand retail racking.