Second Hand Shelving: Promise of Quality

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Second hand shelving is known for its price beating practicality. With an endless variety of options to choose from you can be certain that you will find the right second hand shelving and racking solution.

Companies around the world look to second hand shelving and racking solutions for their warehouse and office facilities with the added benefit of it being an affordable option.

But how confident are you about the quality of your second hand shelving and racking? We take a look at some of the aspects you should consider when buying second hand shelving and racking.


Shelving and racking systems have to endure lots of strain throughout its lifespan. This can leave the second hand shelving in a weakened state. See if the shelving you are purchasing is still able to do what is expected of it. If it looks like a stable set, then it will most likely give you years of good service.

Frame stability

Look for any structural damage to the system. If the steel frame is weak, your system will not be able to carry the weight. Cracked or dented steel and support beams are indicators to a weakened structure.

Previous ownership history

In some cases, you might be lucky enough to find out who the previous owner of the shelving and racking system was. This can help you greatly as the owner will probably have a recorded history of product acquisition. The more regular they replaced their shelving, the more likely it is that the system is not a good option.

Promise of quality

Make sure the used racking and shelving system is backed by a warranty of some sort. Many second hand shelving Johannesburg based companies will easily sell you second hand shelving and racking units but few companies are willing to promise their quality.

Whatever solution you are currently looking for, make sure the second hand shelving and racking system is befitting of the quality you desire. At USE, we proud ourselves on providing all the benefits of the best second hand shelving and racking available at a price that suits your budget.


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