From Second-Hand Shelving to Warehouse Décor

Used Pallet Racking Options Are Limitless, But…
June 20, 2016
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Used Racking: The Possibilities for Use Are Endless
July 22, 2016
Warehouse Décor | Used Second Hand

Second-hand shelving has taken the home décor scene by storm. In recent years, more and more people are trying to meet tighter budgets by veering away from expensive home décor purchases and using second-hand shelving as building material.

Creative culture came to the fore with innovative and beautiful second-hand shelving designs of sheer brilliance seeing the light day. Today, having some sort of used racking creation is the norm when interior design is discussed.

So what does this have to do with warehouses? Well, like with many industries, creative solutions are sourced elsewhere. Looking at how the use of more affordable materials affected the home décor industry might indicate as to why used materials are so popular.

But why second hand racking and shelving? Here are a few reasons why used racking and shelving can be a more sensible choice for any warehouse.

Space is limitless

With space being the epicentre of any warehouse manager’s focus, clearing up space and stacking the stock in an orderly manner is a primary goal. This can be achieved with something that’s been in existence for years, second-hand shelving and racking.

If the price is right

Why not simply buy new shelving and racking, you might ask? Well, the reason why looking at second-hand shelving for sale makes more sense than buying new is the cost saving measures that’s taken.

Consider the price of new shelving and racking sets. Sure, they will arrive in pristine condition but they will be handled and put to the test within minutes, which will result in scratches. Rather look at the more affordable option of buying 2nd hand shelving and racking which allows for easy handling without cringing when it gets damaged.

Whatever shape you choose

Customisation options are endless with design only being limited to the warehouse manager’s imagination. Need four floors of shelving and racking? Or perhaps a low racking solution that is reachable without the use of a high lever order picker machine. Whatever the choice, make sure to look at used racking and shelving first.

At USE, we pride ourselves in providing affordable and quality second-hand shelving and racking solutions, ideal for any warehouse, big or small. Clear up space and arrange stock in such a way that it can proudly be showcased anywhere by making use of second-hand shelving and racking.


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