Second-Hand Steel Shelving Can Benefit Both Start-Ups and Established Businesses

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March 29, 2019
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April 6, 2019

Times have been tough in South Africa over the last decade, due largely to the slower-than-expected economic recovery following the 2008 global financial recession. The result is that formal employment opportunities are at an all-time low, encouraging many of the newly unemployed to plough the proceeds of early-retirement or redundancy packages into creating their businesses. At the same time, those with established businesses have been forced to make economies in the face of shrinking disposable incomes. For many of those in both categories, purchasing second-hand equipment, whether steel-shelving and cash registers or office furniture and vehicles, has proved to be their salvation.

Earlier this year, a report by the International Monetary Fund indicated that history may be about to repeat itself. It provides compelling evidence to suggest that, between now and 2020, we should be preparing for another worldwide economic crisis. The implications are clear, if only as a result of hindsight. To survive, both new and existing businesses will have to find ways in which to minimise their spending if they are to retain sufficient liquidity to continue trading. One possible option for offices, retailers, and anyone needing to find a way to store or display bulk items, is to avoid costly new purchases and instead to invest in quality second-hand steel shelving.

While the short-term cost benefits of purchasing used equipment are self-evident, some potential purchases are dissuaded from doing so by the belief that such equipment will prove less reliable over a long period. Their concerns are not entirely unfounded; even if they may not have fallen victim in person, most people know someone who has purchased a pre-owned vehicle from a less reputable dealer and ended up paying dearly for it. Naturally, such a complex item with hundreds of concealed parts is likely to deteriorate with heavy use. This, however, is not the case with simpler, robust structures such as steel shelving which, even though second-hand, is likely to remain as serviceable as it was when new.

In fact, there is a well-established market for used shelves, racks, and all forms of storage and display equipment. Many manufacturers are happy to buy back units sold previously to an existing customer, perhaps in part-exchange for an alternative product or because the company is moving to new premises or even closing down. Who better to evaluate a used product and ensure that it meets the required safety and performance standard than the manufacturer responsible for it? Providing one undertakes to deal only with such a supplier, reliability is ensured, as is a substantial saving when choosing to purchase second-hand steel shelving.

The product is offered in a variety of forms of which the basic, open, braced type is best for general purposes. It relies on cross braces for stability, thus allowing access from all sides – and it is also the cheapest option. Alternatively, there are units closed by panels on three sides. If desired, these can be joined either back to back or side to side, reducing the number of panels required and their cost. In this rigid structure, they can be arranged in rows and used to support a mezzanine floor to increase storage where floorspace is limited. Contact Used Storage Equipment for top-quality second-hand steel shelving.