Second-Hand Steel Shelving Can Be as Good as New

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June 7, 2019
Some Innovative Uses for Secondhand Steel Shelving
September 25, 2019

The cost of doing business in South Africa has been growing steadily. Whether purchased or rented, the price of commercial property has become a major expense, while the cost of essential commodities, such as water and lighting continues to escalate, while the services themselves have become increasingly unreliable. Fortunately, it is still possible to economise when purchasing fittings. For example, simply choosing to install second-hand steel shelving in a stockroom could save a considerable sum, and yet perform just as effectively as it did when it was brand new.

While you might have reservations regarding the quality and condition of pre-owned soft furnishings, vehicles, machinery, or electronic equipment, such as computers and cash registers, these are all subject to wear and tear, or may have components that could possibly malfunction. By contrast, when purchasing used items that have a simple, but necessarily robust structure, as is the case with second-hand steel shelving, you will not only be acquiring a product that has been built to last for a lifetime, but you will also be getting it at a bargain price.

As suggested above, boltless units are an ideal choice for use in a stockroom, but could result in even bigger savings if used to furnish a large warehouse. They can be decked with chipboard, plywood, or steel, and are available as either single or double-sided units offering purchasers the option to attach the former to a wall to provide stability while allowing the latter to remain free-standing.

Although second-hand steel shelving of this type is also often used in retail outlets, it is the gondola variety that tends to be the more popular choice. While both varieties are designed for easy assembly and dismantling, and can be easily adjusted to accommodate items of different sizes, the gondola-style shelves ensure that stock items will be prominently displayed and are easily accessible for the convenience of shoppers.

Also available as a second-hand purchase, bolted steel shelving is the most basic and economical storage option for general purposes. Available in a choice of two forms, in the first of these, the backs and sides are left open, and so, additional stability must be provided by cross braces fitted at strategic points. In the second variety, the back and sides are closed, which serves to provide maximum protection for stored items. However, where it might be necessary to join two units end-to-end or back-to-back, a single shared panel can be used to further reduce the cost.

Used Storage Equipment, also known as USE, is a company that specialises in the supply of second-hand steel shelving and similar pre-owned storage systems in South Africa. Much of its stock has been purchased from businesses that have a need to install alternative solutions because their requirements have changed or from those who are no longer in business.

Either way, the company maintains a strict policy of purchasing only those pre-owned items that are seen to be in an acceptable condition, and upon which any subsequent owner can, therefore, confidently rely. In addition to quality second-hand steel shelving, USE is also able to supply a number of other related products, including storage lockers, cabinets, racking, and mezzanine floors, plus the staircases with which to access them.