Starting Up or Refurbishing? Cut Costs with Used Store Shelving

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April 19, 2018
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July 9, 2018

The retail environment has become increasingly competitive in recent decades and traders have been forced to look for new ways in which to curb their costs while doing everything possible to avoid price hikes that could cost them hard-earned market share. Some have responded by reducing their staff but getting rid of employees tends to limit personal service and is a policy that the more concerned retailers are less prepared to risk. So, how does one economise without having to compromise? The answer in at least some cases is to purchase pre-owned fixtures and fittings and a good place to start might be buying used store shelving rather than new.

Like the items they stock, retail premises often tend to be subject to change at fairly frequent intervals. To offer new items or to carry extra stock, it is often necessary to rearrange existing storage systems in order to utilise the available space more effectively. Perhaps an aisle-end display may be required to promote a new line in toiletries or for a special offer to shift slow-moving items. The cost of a new installation could detract significantly from the proceeds of the campaign, while investing instead in some good-quality used store shelving could ensure the campaign actually yield for more of the profit that was hoped for.

Many people, of course, display an immediate aversion to the idea of purchasing second-hand goods, believing them to be less durable or flawed in some way. While their caution may be justified when considering items with moving parts and electrical components, the shelves and racks used in everything from bulk warehouses and garages to supermarkets and the handy shop on the corner are inherently tough and all but immune to more than the wear and tear on their painted surfaces, which any credible supplier of used store shelving would rectify before offering it for sale.

For someone who is about to open a new retail outlet, every rand will count and the savings that are possible when purchasing second-hand storage equipment from a reliable source can be substantial. The larger the premises, the higher the rent and the greater will be the need to find as many ways in which to economise as possible. Options such as heat exchangers rather than geysers to provide hot water, and power from solar panels, can offer great savings in the longer term, but only for those who can afford their initial cost. Equally economical and far more affordable, a decision to buy used rather than new store shelving could mean the difference between thriving and barely surviving when launching a brand-new retail business.

As is the often the case, even when purchasing new items, it will pay to shop around. That said, it will be just as important to look not just for the best price but also to ensure choosing a supplier that is known to be dependable. Though you may find some worthwhile bargains in a second-hand shop, storage equipment should be obtained from a specialist. In Gauteng, the most trusted name in this field and the best source of quality used store shelving and other storage equipment is appropriately named Used Storage Equipment, or USE.