The 5 Most Valuable Discoveries in Used Cabinets

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Krost Used used cabinets

When we talk about second hand cabinets it’s not without a sense of wonder.  After all, the world’s used filing cabinets all have their own stories.  It’s often impossible to know where they have been, or what they have been used for; all we can do is imagine.  But, with some very valuable objects having been found in used cabinets, it’s good to let the imagination run wild.

What Wonders do Second Hand Cabinets Hold?

Granted, many of history’s most valuable finds have come from old storage lockers, but there’s no reason to think that used cabinets didn’t once hold goods that were just as valuable.  In a sense, used filing cabinets are little treasures in and of themselves; they’re connected to history and you never know what they might have seen.

To get your imagination reeling, here is a look at the five most valuable storage locker discoveries:

1. Elvis Papers

Back in 2010 a stack of old newspapers was discovered in an old storage unit.  Upon closer inspection it was revealed to contain a collection of papers from the day Elvis Presley passed away, the 16th of August, 1977.  Found to be in excellent condition, the papers provided a link back to the King, which would prove very valuable to collectors.  The newspapers ended up being valued at around 90,000 dollars.

2. Forgotten Art

In an episode of Storage Wars, the popular TV show, one particular bidder took a gamble on a storage locker, paying an unprecedented 3,600 dollars.  Fortunately for him, the gamble paid off.  Inside the locker were paintings and sketches by fames artist, Frank Gutierez.  The value of the find was believed to be worth around 300,000 dollars.

3. Pirate Booty

In 2011 a buyer, who chose to remain anonymous, bought the contents of an old storage locker for the fairly nondescript price of 1000 US dollars.  However, in a remarkable discovery the locker was found to contain authentic ‘pieces of eight’; a popular pirate loot.  The coins were believed to be worth over half a million dollars.

4. Stolen Comic Book

In 2011 a Californian bidder found a very rare comic book inside an old storage locker: Action Comics #1.  The book went on to sell at an auction for over 2 million dollars, but that wasn’t the end of the story.  It turned out that the book was reported stolen in 2000, having formerly been owned by none other than Hollywood star Nicolas Cage.

5. Music Memorabilia

Near the end of the ‘00s, a storage locker (said to contain papers and documents) was purchased, having originally been rented in the ‘70s.  The contents proved to be original contracts, lyric sheets, royalty cheques, and musical arrangements belonging to the musical group, The Beach Boys.  Once they discovered this, the group tried to reclaim ownership of the documents in a court case that lasted eight years.  However, the contents were eventually auctioned off and fetched a reported 6 million pounds.


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