How to Use Used Warehouse Shelving around the House

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Used commercial shelving is still perfect for commercial purposes.  It is still able to hold heavy loads of products, maximise vertical storage space, and increase the efficiency of a warehouse.  And, since it has already been used, it does this at a cheaper price.

However, this lower price attracts other buyers to used metal shelving.  And, as such, used commercial shelving is increasingly showing up in domestic settings.  It is quite common (and very fashionable) to see used storage shelves around peoples’ homes.

What are they good for in a home?  Well, we have a few ideas for things you could do with used shelving around your house.

 Ideas for Used Metal Shelving in Your House

Do you have a spare room that you’re not quite sure what to do with?  Here are a few ideas:

A Bar

Having a bar in your home is a lot of fun, but devoting an entire room to it opens up a whole new world.  You don’t have to worry about it encroaching on your living area, and you have a space dedicated to parties and get-togethers.

Design-wise, you get to do whatever you want.  But, if you want to bring a modern, industrial feel to the room, you could lay down some distressed hardwood and bring in some used shelving on which to store your drinks.  Install spotlights and dimmers for some dramatic lighting, and you’ve got a bar room that you can be really proud of.

Home Gym

Having a gym at home means that you don’t have to wait to use the weights or machines that you want, and you save a lot of travel time, too.  But, you don’t just want to stick a bunch of exercise equipment in a spare room.

Instead, why not install some laminate flooring and a few mirrors on the walls.  For the final touch, bring an industrial feel to your new gym with the help of some used warehouse shelving.  You can use this to store free weights, towels, or general workout accessories and apparatus.


If your practical side wins the battle, and you decide to install a home office, you can still use used storage shelves.  These are great looking, cost-effective, and you can be sure that they’ll easily hold any books, files, and documents that you may want to store on them.

Used Metal Shelving

If any of these ideas sound good for your spare room, or you want to bring an industrial look to your kitchen or bathroom, be sure to contact USE today!

With a healthy catalogue of used warehouse shelving, we have the right equipment to breathe new life into that spare room of yours.


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