Used Medium-Weight Storage Solutions

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March 20, 2020
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Used Medium-Weight Storage Solutions: Where Top Quality Meets Great Value

Storage is one of the most critical components of any business, distribution centre, warehouse, or industry. It needs to be durable, practical, and ergonomic in design. However, while necessary for any business, it is oftentimes an expensive component to install. But, here at Used Storage Equipment, aka USE, we offer our clients a vast range of used storage solutions at affordable rates. When it comes to medium-weight options, you will have a wide selection to choose from that boast both amazing quality and fantastic value.

At USE, we believe that all businesses must have access to shelving and racking units at an affordable price, which is exactly what you get when you invest in a top-quality, pre-owned model bought from us. These models have several benefits, including:

  • A great price tag: Used products are naturally cheaper than their newer counterparts. But cheaper does not always mean lower quality. By investing in a second-hand medium-weight option, you will still get that quality product that you want, but at a more affordable rate.
  • Tried and tested: These models have been used and have thus passed industry standards. We only sell products that work, and they come with our guaranteed seal of approval.
  • Passed quality checks: Our products undergo extensive quality checks. We believe in the importance of customer satisfaction and, as such, only supply durable products that surpass quality and safety tests. Used equipment doesn’t have to equate to a lack of quality or durability.

Apart from being cheaper than heavy-duty models, medium-weight options are ideal for numerous industries. They are also safe and effective solutions. Moreover, medium-weight shelving systems are a great pick when it comes to filing.

Used Storage Solutions That Work

We are one of the leading suppliers of quality used storage equipment. Here at USE, we pride ourselves on supplying clients with exceptional products that adhere to the best safety and quality standards. We have been in the business of-all-things storage since 1965, which means that we have decades of manufacturing experience that backs our quality of service. This knowledge and our proven track record of ensuring optimum customer satisfaction make us a brilliant choice when it comes to storage solutions. If you are looking for second-hand shelving, racking, cabinets, staircases, mezzanine floors, or lockers then get in touch with us today. Our diverse picks can carry light-, medium-, and heavy-duty loads and thus there is truly something for every business and their individual needs. We will find a tailor-made solution that fits your company and budget needs.

We are always open to buying your used storage solutions. Simply fill in our online form and we will contact you. Whether you have medium-weight storage options, heavy-duty picks, or racking systems to sell, we’d love to hear from you. Simply tell us a bit about your items and we will get back to you. You can also drop us an email at if you have any queries. We are passionate about all-things storage and can’t wait to chat with you today.