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May 15, 2020
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July 21, 2020

Used Mezzanine Flooring: The Most Affordable Way to Increase Your Workspace

Your workspace is one of the biggest factors that influence the efficacy and success of your business. Physically, it allows you to – or hinders you from – executing the tasks required for running your business. Financially, it is often one of the biggest and completely non-negotiable expenses. Expanding is not always an option, either due to unavailability of additional finances or physical space to expand into. Unless, of course, you consider the ingenious solution offered by used mezzanine flooring.

What Is Used Mezzanine Flooring?

When you consider the construction of most warehouses and storage facilities, a common feature is very high ceilings, which leads to a tremendous waste of space that technically falls not only within the property, but the building itself. Used mezzanine flooring allows you to make use of this traditionally unused vertical space within your existing property.

Without the need of investing capital in purchasing additional land, or disrupting your business for an extended period to do additional building construction, used mezzanine flooring makes it possible to almost double your existing workspace in a very short timeframe, and at a fraction of the cost of other available solutions. This is done by installing a raised platform that essentially acts as a second level or floor, which can be used for anything from additional office space, to storage space, workspace, or even retail space.

The Benefits of Used Mezzanine Flooring

  • The installation of these floors or platforms are quick and easy, which means you can increase your space in a very short time period and avoid extended disruptions in productivity that could negatively impact your profitability.
  • While providing all the stability and function of a solid, permanent constructed floor level, they are inherently considered to be an impermanent structure, which means that you do not have to go through the lengthy and oft frustrating process of planning approval before their installation.
  • Even when investing in second-hand platforms, these structures lend themselves to different methods of assembly and can easily be customised to fit your building and make optimal use of the available space.
  • They are also easy to move and reassemble, which means that you can reconfigure your space with little effort as and when your business demands grow and change over time.
  • Used mezzanine flooring can easily work in conjunction with a variety of racking and shelving solutions, making them even more space-efficient and practical.

But Is It Safe?

Safety is a major and very necessary concern when running any enterprise. And, while cost-saving measures are always welcome, no-one wants to take shortcuts that could endanger any team members or the business. Used mezzanine flooring is very safe and meets the necessary standards and requirements – if you make use of a trusted supplier.

Used Storage Equipment, a.k.a. USE, is the supplier you are looking for. We have been in the industry for more than 50 years already and are trusted by clients to always deliver the highest quality and service excellence. To find out more how used mezzanine flooring can transform your business, get in touch with us.