Used Pallet Racking Options Are Limitless, But…

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The recent rise in used pallet racking options comes as no surprise to many people. This cheap and practical material has endless possibilities and warehouses are only limited by their available space. Warehouses changed from relying on pre-manufactured sets to easily assembled used racking pallets. It surely took the market by storm.

You might be among the warehouse managers eager to start that ‘internal organisation’ project. Storing cement, stacking furniture or simply in need more space? Whatever your project is, making use of used pallet racking is a wise choice.

But there are some pitfalls you need to consider before buying any used
pallet racking for sale. Here are some things to look out for.

Look for rust

When you visit used pallet racking suppliers remember to focus on the visible quality of the product. Rusting pallets will only deteriorate if the rust is not prevented. See if the pallets were treated in any manner.

Weak locks, screws and nuts

Along with checking for rust, you should look at the state of the screws or locks used. If they are weak, it is a sign that the pallets were likely used under heavy conditions. This can greatly affect the quality of the pallets.

Strength of steel

The most basic and easy test you should do when buying used pallet racking is to test its strength. Place weights on it, try and pull the pallets apart or simply look for cracks in the steel and wood. If the pallets can’t hold together from a little man-handling it certainly won’t make a decent building material.

Spot those termites and rot

They are a real problem in South Africa. Termites thrive in our country and should be a consideration when buying any type of wood, especially those found in used pallet racking. See if there are visible holes or termites lurking around. Also, look for any signs of rotting. This is usually a clear indicator that the pallets were used to store moist products which can also lead to rusting steel. See if the wood was varnished or treated.

Above all, quality over quantity

pallet racking prices are considerably lower than other building materials due to it being regularly used and available. This leads people to think they can stock up and just replace when things break. “Why not? They were cheap.” Rather build a cheap, quality product than a cheaply built one.

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