Used Racking: The Possibilities for Use Are Endless

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July 14, 2016
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Warehouse managers come face to face with tough situations every day, and they make tougher decisions too. So when the time comes to fit the warehouse with new equipment, managers have to face another tough question: ‘Do I buy used racking and keep the financial department happy, or do I buy new and make sure the inspectors are satisfied?’

At USE, that decision is made easy with our rigorous safety and quality standard. We pride ourselves on the delivery of exceptional second-hand storage products and the satisfaction of our highly-valued customer.

But it’s not only the exceptional quality standards that has everyone talking. Our wide range of used storage solutions are ideal for any warehouse, no matter the size. Here are some the of products we offer to clients.

Used Steel Cabinets

Proving a very popular product among all warehouses, used steel cabinets offer easily attainable organisation at a fraction of the cost. No office can do without some form of paperwork, and these used steel cabinets make sure you keep those papers in an organised fashion.

Used Steel Lockers

Any warehouse needs to cater for the basic needs of its employees, and one of those needs is to make sure their personal belongings are stored in a safe and secure place. Used steel lockers provide safe and secure storage while also being a convenient organisation solution.

Used Mezzanine Floors

One of the most prominent factors always on a warehouse manager’s mind is floor space. Whether it is filled with stored goods or equipment, the available space will almost certainly never be enough. That’s were used mezzanine floors come in handy. By adding to the available space without altering the basic structure, used mezzanine floors are affordable and convenient solutions.

Used Pallet Racking

Last, but certainly not least, is used pallet racking. Whether you simply need to store a few spare parts or your entire stock, used pallet racking provides a convenient drive-in, drive-through solution. Similar to our other products, used pallet racking easily maximises the available space and is a safe and secure means of storing stock or equipment.


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