Used Racking South Africa: How to Utilise Used Shelving and Racking in Your Garage

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April 10, 2016
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Used Racking

Warehouse shelving used to be strictly for warehouses, as the name implied. But, as modern design trends sought to bring industrial equipment into residential spaces, we’ve consistently found that a used shelving and racking system for sale might easily find its way into the suburbs.

Of course, used shelving and racking is perfectly fine for continued use in an industrial environment. Just because that particular piece of warehouse shelving used to be at home in a warehouse, but is no longer, doesn’t mean that it is damaged goods. In fact, any used shelving and racking system for sale is guaranteed to be as strong and versatile as a completely new system.

That being said, when it comes to used racking South Africa has a passion for repurposing. It is very common to see second-hand items resurface in people’s homes, often experiencing completely new purpose. It is with this in mind that we now explore the idea of using second-hand shelving to reinvigorate a cramped and cluttered garage.

Used Shelving and Racking Could Save Your Garage

Though they’re meant for car storage, garages often become a place for all the belongings that our homes simply can’t find a place for. And, this often gets to such a point that our garages can’t find place for our cars anymore.

But, leaving out the fact that it’s not particularly safe to park your car outside of the garage, it’s often not good for a car to expose it to harsh weather all year ’round. There should be a way to use a garage for additional storage and still be able to park a car in there – and there is.

It might take some willpower to part with sentimental items. But, if you haven’t used them in the past year, throw them away. Once you have a bit of breathing room in your garage, start the maintenance. Fill the gaps and cracks, lock out the moisture, and perhaps coat the floor with epoxy to guard it from oil spills and such.

Finally, bring in the industrial shelving. Since it is purpose-built for storage, it’ll take anything you can throw at it. Whether you need to store wooden beams, car spares, household appliances, beach apparatus, or the equipment necessary for your niche hobby, there’s an industrial rack that can support it perfectly.

The hardest part is making sure that you don’t return to a garage of clutter. But, with the expert shelving at your disposal, that shouldn’t be a problem. So, if you think that it’s time to organise the mess in your garage, be sure to contact USE – supplier of the used racking South Africa trusts.

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