Used Racking South Africa: The Repurposing Possibilities of Used Racking & Shelving

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A used shelving and racking system for sale certainly has its benefits in terms of industrial use. Used shelving and racking is just as strong as it was when it was new, but sells for far less, making it a great resource for industrial business owners.

However, the used racking South Africa has to offer is sought after by more than just industrial business owners. DIY enthusiasts also love getting their hands on used shelving and racking in order to bring a fashionable yet industrial feel to their home’s interior decoration.

This means that a used shelving and racking system for sale might have an industrial past, but could have a decidedly fashionable future ahead of it.

When Used Racking Shelving Became a Fashion Trend

There was a time when ‘industrial’ was a term that simply applied to industry. It didn’t apply to style at all, and simply described working life. However, as interior design fashion became bored with excess they started to strip things down, and soon became fascinated with the idea of utilitarian.

Simple surfaces, bare architecture, and salvaged resources have become the order of the day, which meant that people began turning to industrial objects not just for inspiration, but for functionality. This means that, today, you are as likely to find used shelving and racking in a multi-million rand mansion as you are in a factory.

Used Racking Shelving DIY Starter Kit

This particular DIY enthusiast and fan of industrial-inspired décor used an old coat rack and a piece of discarded pallet to create a fantastic looking coat rack that cost her less than 5 dollars, and took only five minutes to make. So, with winter fast approaching, perhaps a coat rack is a great starter project for you.

If you don’t have an old coat rack, you can buy some hooks from any hardware store. These can be painted to give a weathered feel, or simply left bare.

Used Racking


Attach the hooks to your piece of pallet with a few screws, and you’re done!

Used Racking


This may not be a challenging project, but the effect is excellent. So, now you have a rugged new coat rack, it’s time to move on to more challenging projects and maybe work your way up to repurposing used shelving and racking.

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