Used Rivet Shelving – An Economical Option for The Smaller Business

Choose Quality, Used Shelving – An Economical Option with Multiple Uses
April 19, 2018
Starting Up or Refurbishing? Cut Costs with Used Store Shelving
June 20, 2018

In an effort to overcome the acute shortage of jobs in the formal sector that has been the result of an economic downturn and a weakening rand, many South Africans have turned to creating their own jobs, providing simple but necessary services or opening small businesses both online and land-based. As with any new business, startup costs can be high and, all too often, a lot higher than anticipated. Plagued by a lack of operating capital, sadly, most new businesses fail. Often, the problem stems from initial overinvestment. In many cases, purchasing used items such as rivet shelving, rather than investing in brand new fittings, might have made the difference between success and failure.

While the proposition seems sound enough, many people remain resistant to the idea of purchasing second-hand goods, particularly if their livelihood may depend upon the quality and performance of those goods. For example, one of the most common objections to second-hand purchases is that they will no longer be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In turn, this raises the prospect that spare parts or accessories may be hard to come by and there will be no one to turn to for support if required. However, in the case of items such as used rivet shelving, when it is purchased from an accredited source, such objections are far less likely to be valid.

Then there is the question of condition. A little metal filler and a coat of paint can cover up a multitude of sins and such practices are not uncommon in the second-hand market. There is no way to tell whether the item you are considering was once badly damaged and has simply been straightened out and made to look like new. Beneath the superficial shine, the structural integrity and strength of that item could have become weakened. Once again, by the very nature of its design and typical usage, used storage equipment such as boltless rivet shelving with its steel posts and beams is generally not prone to this kind of damage and is characterised by an almost unlimited lifespan.

Let’s say your intention is to open a small retail outlet or perhaps a distribution centre. You have a need for some storage equipment and you are comfortable with the idea of making a second-hand purchase. You could, of course, buy this type of equipment from an auction or a closing-down sale. However, it would make a lot more sense to deal with someone who has expert knowledge of new and used rivet shelving and who has a reputation to protect, rather than one with no such expertise and whose sole concern is to finalise a sale.

Many South Africans engaged in warehousing or retailing will know and respect the name of USE Shelving and Racking, and its range of top-quality storage products. It should therefore come as no surprise that its subsidiary, Used Storage Equipment, has embraced the same philosophy of offering proven, superior products and delivering service to match. When purchasing previously-owned items of storage equipment from us, whether you need is for second-hand lockers, cabinets, mezzanine floors, staircases, or used rivet shelving and racking systems, guaranteed quality and service or both part of the deal.