Used Shelving – A Great Money Saver

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November 4, 2015
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Krost Used used shelving

The primary purpose of shelving, no matter the circumstances, is structure and organisation. Organisation, however, comes at a cost, which is why used shelving provides a great alternative solution to those with a small budget. They cost less, without losing their usefulness.

Used shelving suppliers like Used Storage Equipment (USE) offer both new and used shelving, which both come with their pros and cons.

New shelving offers a clinical cleanliness and looks more impressive than used shelving, however, the used shelving will serve the exact same purpose at a fraction of the cost.

One has to determine what exactly they want from the purchase before making their decision to go with the new or more affordable. A new open office or home environment might demand the extra aesthetic appeal. A warehouse or factory would only really require functionality and value for money, making used shelving the wiser choice.

Old doesn’t mean poor quality

Yes, you may get the odd dent or scratch, but any shelving that gets sold by a used shelving supplier is put through a strict grading system. Any shelving considered to not meet the required standards is discarded while only the good quality equipment is saved approved for sale. There is no compromise on quality.

As one of the most recognised used shelving suppliers in Johannesburg, USE ensures that each product is closely examined for any flaws or defects that may be cause for concern. Any damaged parts are replaced so that the item works as efficiently as the day it first left the factory.

USE will also assist our clients with the assembly and installing our all used shelving, with customer satisfaction being our primary concern.

For more information on used shelving, as well as other used bulk storage items, contact USE on 079 193-5702, or visit


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