Uses for Second Hand Shelving at Home

Used Warehouse Shelving
Maximise Your Storage Space with Used Shelving
December 2, 2016
Used Shelving to Organise Your Business in the New Year
Used Shelving to Organise Your Business in the New Year
December 10, 2016

Second hand shelving is ideal for anyone setting up a warehouse or industrial company as it cheaper than new, but still as good as new. But second hand shelving for sale is also great for use around residential homes.

The idea of bringing industrial items into the house is very fashionable, and certain people have come up with very creative ideas for repurposing second hand shelving for sale. In fact, many websites and magazines have featured articles about this very style of decorating.

If this sounds interesting to you, you’ll be happy to know that second hand shelving Gauteng is easy to come by. Whether you want second hand shelving Johannesburg or second hand shelving Pretoria, USE has what you’re looking for.

And, if you’re still not quite ready to buy some industrial shelving, here are some ideas for uses around the home that might just whet your appetite.


Second Hand Shelving Johannesburg: Tips for Industrial Shelving at Home

1. In the Bathroom

Used industrial shelving makes for excellent bathroom storage. Place a unit in your bathroom for the storage of towels, soap, facecloths, and other essentials. If you like that slightly used, vintage look, you don’t need to do a thing. Otherwise, if you want to give your new storage unit a brand new lease on life, a fresh coat of paint is easy and works wonders.

2. In the Kitchen

Industrial items in the kitchen are also very popular, especially if you’ve got a modern or retro theme in there already. You’ll find that industrial items featuring cupboards (such as used lockers) are very useful for stand-alone pantries. Otherwise an industrial shelf would be excellent for keeping dry goods like pasta, flour, sugar, etc.

3. In the Study

Industrial shelving is excellent for storing heavy items in the study. Your old set of encyclopaedias, your book collection, your documents and receipts, your display ornaments or trophies; all of these will be exceptionally comfortable supported by an industrial shelving unit.

Second Hand Shelving Gauteng

If you like the sound of these suggestions and could definitely see yourself bringing some fashionable utility to your home, you’ve certainly come to the right place. With a large inventory of high quality and well maintained second hand shelving, we’re leaders in our industry. So, to make the process easy and find the item that is perfect for you, contact us today!

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