Uses for Second Hand Steel Cabinets at Home

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October 14, 2016
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November 25, 2016

Second hand steel shelving or lockers would be right at home in a warehouse or workshop, given that second hand steel lockers for sale are still as strong and useful as when they were when they were new. But, having said that, second hand steel cupboards for sale can be just as useful around the house.

You only need to log onto Pinterest to find thousands of ideas on how to decorate and repurpose second hand steel shelving. But, to keep you from rooting through countless pictures and being lured into a dreaded ‘Pinterest hole’, we’d like to discuss some of the uses of second hand steel cabinets around the home.

Household Uses for Second Hand Steel Lockers for Sale

The Garage

We had to fight the urge to bust out the Cluedo puns and mention the steel locker in the garage with the candlesticks, shears, brooms, mops, tools, buckets, etc. (though clearly we lost the fight). The point is that second hand steel cupboards for sale can bring some serious order to the chaos that is your garage, and bring some sanity to your mind. There is nothing more satisfying than looking at a well organised garage on a Saturday morning as you pity the poor neighbour who is about to spend all day in his garage looking for a rake.


The Kitchen

Sadly the Cluedo pun is only good for one use – kind of like the jar of oregano you bought three months ago and then lost in the recesses of your pantry. The good news is that old steel lockers have become a very fashionable form of spice cupboard. And, if it’s slightly shabby that’s even better. Shabby is now chic!Second-hand-steel-cabinets


The Bathroom

Old steel lockers make a great addition to a bathroom. They can store a heap of important items that would otherwise be sitting out in the open, like towels, deodorants, shaving supplies, a first aid kit, and that back-up pack of toilet paper. Plus, shadow-boxing in the bathroom mirror while humming the Rocky theme tune is even cooler when there is a steel locker in the background.




The Kids’ Room

Lockers are a brilliant way to ensure that you don’t break your neck tripping over a toy avalanche while you’re trying to deliver the clean washing to your kids’ rooms. Lockers hold a large number of toys, blankets, sports equipment, and clothes – enough that you might be able to see the floor for once. And, to make lockers even more appealing in your eyes, having your kids decorate them is a fun task that will keep them busy for a whole afternoon.



There are many more uses for steel lockers around the home. In fact, the only limit is the edge of your imagination. So, to start bringing some much needed storage space to your home, be sure to get your second hand steel cabinets from USE today!

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