Shelving is a highly important factor in the operation of so many industries throughout the country. Whether the situation requires the storage of industrial equipment, consumer products, or documentation, shelving is often the perfect solution.

Strong, durable, and able to contain loads of differing shapes and sizes, the solid surface areas of industrial shelving makes it a truly versatile storage solution. Regardless of the industry, industrial shelving can prove invaluable in a wide variety of contexts.

Used Shelving Gallery

USE has been supplying shelving solutions to a variety of industries for many years, and has grown into one of South Africa’s leading suppliers in the process. The company has done so by supplying products of extremely high quality at affordable prices, giving the same level of service to companies of all sizes.

USE allows the continuation of this ethic through the distribution of used  shelving solutions . This gives smaller companies the benefit of enjoying the same growth and efficiency of the larger companies, and grants the larger companies the possibility of more frequent maintenance and upgrades.

Industries That Benefit from Used Shelving

Companies from the following industries greatly benefit from used and second-hand shelving:

  • Distribution and Logistics
  • Retail
  • Refrigeration
  • Recreation (Libraries)
  • Manufacturing

In addition to these industries, many other industries benefit from the acquisition of used and second-hand shelving. This is because USE makes industrial shelving highly accessible and affordable. The idea of fulfilling industry needs, and doing so whilst maintaining high standards, fits perfectly into the USE company ethos.

For a look at the current shelving inventory please browse the shelving catalogue, and be sure to contact us for more information on used industrial shelving.